newborn workshop | san jose newborn photography by sarah siripoke

I had the great pleasure of working with two of the most amazing photographers this week – Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver. I traveled to their studio in Omaha and spent a day learning new techniques and photographing four brand new babies. Below are some of the images I captured during my day in baby bliss. It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to capture more babies in their first days here in San Jose. I learned so much and words can’t express how grateful and exciting it was to have this opportunity.







february project: memory capsule | photography by sarah siripoke

Inspired by one of my most favorite photographers…the immensely talented Kristen Cook…I am going to do a photo-a-day project for the month of February. The theme will be my most favorite subjects, my three beautiful love bugs…
Everyday I will post a new picture, creating a memory capsule of my family for the month of February. I can’t wait to get started!!!

Below, sweet Grace was hanging out with my on the front lawn waving to passers by. She is such a friendly little lady.


the greatest gift | san jose newborn photography by sarah siripoke

the greatest of gifts….

are not those under the tree.

This little beauty was born last night

I had the honor of capturing her today, sharing some nice quiet first moments with mama.

Congrats M, K and big brother Cameron on the birth of the exquisite addition to your beautiful family.

What a blessed and merry Christmas this year and always!


i am yours


sleeping beauty

family by the bay | san jose family photography by sarah siripoke

It was a bit of a cloudy day in San Francisco, but it was not raining….so I was grateful. China Beach is always a lovely spot. I never tire of the majestic view of the bay and the statuesque Golden Gate. This beautiful family of five is so dear to my heart. Twins, Luke and Anna, are truly two of the happiest children I know…it is clear from the moment you are in their presence. And little sister, Kate, well my camera can attest to the fact that this girl is always going to reach for the stars and catch them! She doesn’t stop for a minute….and why should she? There are too many wonderful things  in this world, and on China Beach to explore! Thanks A and S for always being adventurous, fun and lovely friends. Happy Holidays one and all!!! xoxo Sarah







kindness remembered | san jose family photography by sarah siripoke

It is timely that I am posting this lovely family on my blog. About twelve years ago I moved to California, knowing very few people. Well one person to be exact. I joined a great team of people at a start-up and Coleen (the lovely gal in this post) was one of the first people to cross my path. I loved her pretty much immediately and we became fast friends. What is timely is that I am recalling how I was invited to their home for my first Thanksgiving here in my new state. Sometimes I don’t know if people realize how simple, seemingly easy yet kind acts, leave a lasting impression. I know Coleen would feel that including someone in her home celebration was probably a no-brainer, because that is the kind of gal she is….along with her great hubby. But really it made such a difference in my Thanksgiving that year, and I will always remember and be grateful for their generosity, hospitality, and most importantly their friendship. Here’s to many more Thanksgivings and many more photos to capture your beautiful daughter that is growing up before my eyes! :) Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo




mountain retreat | san jose natural light photography by sarah siripoke

This lovely family lives in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. Being among all the trees, with the chill in the air, definitely got me into the holiday spirit, as if i needed any prodding. Miss Ella is always a joy to photograph along with her rough and tumble brother Marko, who is the toughest and sweetest kid around. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the opportunity to capture your beautiful family once again. Enjoy this sneak peek while I get your gallery ready.





tatum & skyler | san jose natural light photography by sarah siripoke

I met beauties, Tatum and Skyler today for the first time. Such fun to photograph! You can certainly see where daughters get their beauty. Thanks Mom, Dad, Tatum, Skyler and sweet dog Lucky for joining me this afternoon! I cant wait to see you all again soon! Enjoy this sneak peek while I get the rest of your gallery ready! Happy Holidays!!!








acorns & family at Stanford | san jose natural light photography by sarah siripoke

Well the weather redeemed itself, our rained out session yesterday was only postponed by one day. ;-) Please meet this beautiful family of four — young Jackson is so much fun to be with…I always learn something new when I am with this child. He is very sweet, charming and smart. Today we talked about acorns and I learned about a new thing called Geocaching….its cool, Google it! :-) I met sweet baby Audrey just a few months ago when she was days new and I blinked and she has grown into a smiley, sweet four month old. Thanks to mom and dad for being so flexible while we dodged the rain forecasts….Enjoy the sneak peek….







~H~ family | san jose family photography by sarah siripoke

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family on my husband’s side….words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for them. Our children are growing up together and that is truly a gift.  I know my children and their cousins will see each other through everything that life brings their way. I captured my beautiful sister in law and her gorgeous family and these are just some fun peeks of their fab session. I don’t want to preempt their Christmas cards so just a sneak peek of a lovely fam shot and a fun one of my sweet niece and handsome nephew. Too beautiful not to showcase on the blog ;-) xoxo



birthday girl | san jose childrens photographer sarah siripoke

I met Miss Kaylee when she was just a few weeks old and I blinked and she is the big O-N-E….I had the pleasure of capturing her as she celebrates her big birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl and thanks to mom and dad for including me in this exciting milestone. I look forward to watching her grow for years to come. Enjoy this sneak peek…gallery to follow soon. :-)




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