kindness remembered | san jose family photography by sarah siripoke

It is timely that I am posting this lovely family on my blog. About twelve years ago I moved to California, knowing very few people. Well one person to be exact. I joined a great team of people at a start-up and Coleen (the lovely gal in this post) was one of the first people to cross my path. I loved her pretty much immediately and we became fast friends. What is timely is that I am recalling how I was invited to their home for my first Thanksgiving here in my new state. Sometimes I don’t know if people realize how simple, seemingly easy yet kind acts, leave a lasting impression. I know Coleen would feel that including someone in her home celebration was probably a no-brainer, because that is the kind of gal she is….along with her great hubby. But really it made such a difference in my Thanksgiving that year, and I will always remember and be grateful for their generosity, hospitality, and most importantly their friendship. Here’s to many more Thanksgivings and many more photos to capture your beautiful daughter that is growing up before my eyes! :) Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo




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