About Sarah

What do you want to be when you grow up? Isn’t that a loaded question?

If someone were to ask me that today I would answer with a very confident answer – photographer! However my life didn’t initially follow that path… but through the years I have found my way back to my creative side and photography has become a true passion.

I capture people as they are – living, loving, laughing – naturally. I shoot in natural light, capturing snapshots in time – from street corners, to beaches, to my very own backyard.  As a mother and wife, I tend to photograph the small wonders of daily life. It is in those moments I capture the most wonderful images.
I constantly strive to improve my craft and educate myself through professional workshops and seminars. But what I find to be the most inspirational is the generosity of fellow photographers that I have met along the way.

I cherish any opportunity to photograph you and your family. Thanks so much for inquiring and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Sarah Voorhees Siripoke